Above: wild horses and marmot on south end of Steens Loop.  North end closed on May 25.  Below: denizens of the headquarters, the Belding’s ground squirrels and friend, least chipmunk on tree trunk.

cute bgs (2)

Above: black-tailed jackrabbit, hightailing it; eight large hominids listening to a single Sora calling and calling…unseen though not more than a few feet away.  Final score: Sora 8, birders 0. Below: young Nuttall’s cottontail, adult, three pronghorn females.

Other mammals we saw but did not get pictures of: numerous mule deer, river otter in Krumbo Reservoir,  badger, golden-mantled ground squirrel in the Steens, coyote.  Here’s the porcupine in the cottonwood at HQ, again:PUP5 (2)NOW FOR SOME BIRDS:

First little guy is Brewer’s Sparrow on top of juniper; Clark’s Grebe; nesting coot…

Above there are two images of a female curlew in the grass, and on her nest, not far off the road.  She was hard to spot…

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