Birds of the World 1-5

Kayla Fisk

So to start this project once a week I will do a blog post featuring the most recent birds drawn with a little background and information on each of the species featured.

001: Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis)

The dark-eyed junco is a medium sized sparrow that is found in Canada during its breeding season but during winter will migrate down into most of the rest of North America. This species has 15 distinct races with 6 being easily recognised in the field, the drawing above is the slate colored race that is mostly found in eastern united states and Canada.

They are primarily seed eaters that forage on the ground but during the nesting season they will eat insects such as moths, caterpillars, beetles and insects. This species can also be commonly seen at many bird feeders during the winter months. Their nests will typically be in a depression on…

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