There is no clear way to determine ownership of the air.  Possession or passage en route can often be nearly the same as ownership.  Surely profit-mongering corporations want the air to be free, so they can dump their chemicals and discharge without charge—legal or financial.  Airplanes use the air like fish use water.  Clouds, weather, wind, storms—the air is their current and currency.  When we come to zoology it gets even more complex.  All plants and animals depend on the oxygen and CO2 in the air; many also need the nitrogen.  Without it there could be no proteins…and it is inconceivable that earth would have much life without proteins, certainly no creatures that can move of their own volition.

In the avian world ownership of the air takes many forms, mostly ephemeral, none uncontested.  Sometimes it is breeding territory at issue.  Sometimes it is competitive hunting…

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