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WHO OWNS THE AIR? There is no clear way to determine ownership of the air.  Possession or passage en route can often be nearly the same as ownership.  Surely profit-mongering corporations want the air to be free, so they can dump their chemicals and discharge without charge—legal or financial.  Airplanes use the air like fish use water.  Clouds, weather, wind, storms—the… Continue reading SKY


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There is a natural fact that becomes evident on the dry western slopes of the Cascades.  From there the fact pertains across thousands of miles eastward and southward.  Across grasslands, sagebrush steppe, arid brushlands and unforested valleys that fact is the alpha predator, the Golden Eagle. Many are the creatures that fear the eagle and some of those will take the… Continue reading ALPHA


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There are several shorebird species that breed in the Malheur Basin: Long-billed Curlew, Willet, Killdeer, Spotted Sandpiper, Wilson’s Snipe and Wilson’s Phalarope.  Ironic as Alexander Wilson himself never got further west than the Mississippi River Valley.  The snipe name is fairly new after it was made a separate species from the Old World’s Common Snipe.  Wilson did draw some species discovered… Continue reading HARNEY COUNTY SHOREBIRDS

Early June in Yellowstone

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Saturday, June 8, 2019 Yellowstone National Park View of the snow frosted mountains at Swan Pond Trumpeter swan and Sandhill crane at the Island Park spot I call Swan Pond From about 2012 till last year Cheryl, Shanna, Regina, Katrina (Regina’s daughter) and I would visit Yellowstone on the first weekend in June. It was always lots of fun. Last year,… Continue reading Early June in Yellowstone

Gopher Plant – Euphorbia Rigida

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This plant has many names. I can be known commonly by Gopher plant, Milkweed, Gopher Spurge, Spurge, or Upright Myrtle Spurge. Incase that isn’t thorough enough, it has two scientific names as well: Euphorbia Rigida and Euphorbia Biglandulosa. I recently had a client order 100 Euphorbia Rigida plant from me. I had to do some solid searching to be… Continue reading Gopher Plant – Euphorbia Rigida

Jasa pembuatan cetakan pot bonsai

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Anda sedang mencari cetakan pot bonsai, Raja Fiber mungkin solusi bagi Anda, info dan pemesanan 087859299244 whatsapp aktif. kami merupakan salah satu pengrajin berbagai produk pot bonsai dan juga melayani pembuatan cetakan pot bonsai di Indonesia. Berikut ini adalah beberapa pilihan model yang mungkin Anda berminat untuk mengkoleksinya di Rumah. Pot bonsai ceper Ada beberapa model… Continue reading Jasa pembuatan cetakan pot bonsai