Another unusual sighting: Cinnamon Becard at 1300 m in San Antonio de Santa Cruz

Birds for Beer

After the excitement of finding two species new to my house list this week, yet another appeared yesterday. The Cinnamon Becard (Pachyramphus cinnamomeus) is a common bird in the Caribbean lowlands but my garden, where a pair appeared yesterday morning, is at 1288 m elevation in San Antonio de Santa Cruz, Turrialba, well above this bird’s normal range. I have seen it quite frequently at nearby San Diego, close to 1000 m, but even there the elevation is considered too high for this species. Naturally I am delighted to record yet another new species here but clearly something is different. Is this merely range expansion or is it climate change?

Cinnamon Becard peeps out of its hiding place at the CATIE canal, Turrialba; photo by Larry Waddell

There are 5 species of becards in Costa Rica but the Cinnamon Becard is the only one in which males and…

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