Project 366 – Post No. 72 – Fishing at the Ashland Reservoir

The Birds are Calling

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A change of tunes as today’s picture comes from a fishing trip rather than a nature walk. I don’t do many fishing trips as I prefer to watch the animals and let them live to see another day. While I do have personal objections to hurting or killing animals, which is why stick to plant-based foods myself, I also accept and respect that others have different opinions. Here is the snag thought, if you are consuming animal-based foods, then you should also know where it is coming from and what it takes to acquire it and process it. Contrary to some people’s ideas, fish sticks do not grow on trees (there were stories when I went to elementary school many moons ago about the fish stick tree). So this is where the occasional fishing trip comes in. I see this as a…

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