Cameroon- Part 4 of 5

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Big Persol- Bird Watching- Packing- Leaving the Mountain-The Bus Journey from Hell


07/12/2016- Woke up the earliest out of the group today, shortly followed by Paweł so I went to help him set the mist nets. Last day of ringing today which is quite sad. We saw the three lovely Great Blue Turacos which was a nice surprise. Ringing was a little bit slow, we caught lots of wattle eyes, and nearly caught a Jacobin’s cuckoo but unfortunately it was too big for the net and made a quick escape. We saw a Black-winged oriole which was nice, the song is beautiful, really unusual. After ringing me and Kasia went for our penultimate stream wash. For lunch we used the left over Ndola, it was much nicer having left it for one day. Me and Kasia decided to hike to the top of the Big Persol. We set off in…

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