Cameroon- Part 5 of 5

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Beach fun- Football match- Incredible seafood- Craft market


12/12/2016- So strange to wake up near the sea. I could hear the waves and smell the salty air. Lovely! Me and Kasia went to meet the boys near the pool and we all did some bird watching. I saw three different species of Kingfisher in the space of half an hour! The giant kingfishers were incredible, they are massive. Had a breakfast of omelettes and bread with jam. It was so exciting! We then headed to the beach. We got a taxi and then walked down a small track and ended up at a lovely beach side complex. It was extremely basic, we ended up drinking most of their beer! The sand on the beach is volcanic and black, so it burnt your feet, but it was quite nice to feel it between my toes. It was so relaxing. We went…

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Cameroon- Part 4 of 5

Amie In Real Life

Big Persol- Bird Watching- Packing- Leaving the Mountain-The Bus Journey from Hell


07/12/2016- Woke up the earliest out of the group today, shortly followed by Paweł so I went to help him set the mist nets. Last day of ringing today which is quite sad. We saw the three lovely Great Blue Turacos which was a nice surprise. Ringing was a little bit slow, we caught lots of wattle eyes, and nearly caught a Jacobin’s cuckoo but unfortunately it was too big for the net and made a quick escape. We saw a Black-winged oriole which was nice, the song is beautiful, really unusual. After ringing me and Kasia went for our penultimate stream wash. For lunch we used the left over Ndola, it was much nicer having left it for one day. Me and Kasia decided to hike to the top of the Big Persol. We set off in…

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Cameroon- Part 3 of 5

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Music- Oxo- Baby boubous-Confetti butterflies- Being poorly- Cows & Nets- Cows at night- Boubou nest- Ndola

25/11/2016- Bird ringing again today and got a new species, a beautiful Green-headed sunbird. We all had lunch sat around the one big pot, forks at hand. For some reason today the usual one whiskey turned into several, and we all got quite drunk. It was really nice to just chat and laugh and after a while we all crashed out. I fell asleep outside my tent on the grass in the sunshine, which unfortunately led to some slight sunburn. We all woke up and continued the drinking. Tomasz set up the loudspeakers and put some music on. It was such a lovely evening, we had a dance and just enjoyed listening to music. Polish music is actually really good. I had no idea what they were singing about but the tunes are nice.



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Cameroon- Part 2 of 5

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Dragonflies- Crater walks- The big storm- Polish lessons- Renovations- Persol ringing- Market day

18/11/2016- Today was very windy, so we weren’t able to go to an do any recordings. I ended up assisting with bird ringing. We caught a beautiful nightjar and a blue-billed fire finch as well as both individuals from a pair of boubous!! In the afternoon I decided to sit in the porch of my tent and listen to some music. I was in a world of my own and when I looked up the sky was alive with movement. The first layer of life came from hundreds of dragonflies out to catch their smaller pray. It was beautiful. I’ve never seen so many. Above the dragonflies were lots of swifts. I’m not sure why they were all out, but I didn’t mind. It was lovely to watch.


19/11/2016- A normal day today. Went and did 5…

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Cameroon – Part 1 of 5

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Arrival-Bus Journey-Market-The Hike- Stream washing- Lion D’Or- Fieldwork-Bird ringing- Czech arrivals-Small Persol- Stars and planets- Various foods

07/11/2016- Arrived in Yaounde in the Evening having started the long journey from Warsaw at 04:00. Stepped off the plane and was instantly hit by humidity and heat. We took a short drive to the hotel where we were staying that night. First impressions of Cameroon were that it is very lively! The roads seem to have no rules, just drive. There was lots of music playing and people selling various foods at the side of the road. We got to the hotel and left our stuff so we could go and eat. We were all security checked and scanned before being allowed into the bar. We had some amazing fish cooked by a “big mamma”. I noticed the moon was upside down and looked like a thin smile in the sky, a…

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Mozambique- part 2

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So, to another part of my recent trip to Mozambique.

On Sunday 5th May, me, Michał and Tomasz packed up our stuff to head to Mount Gorongosa. Pesky vervet monkeys had slightly damaged my tent in their midnight antics and so I knew I’d have to do a repair job once we reached our destination! We picked up Marek and one of the masters students, Antonio, and squeezed their stuff into the car too! Then we headed out of the park and towards the mountain! The drive was a little squished but it wasn’t so bad. We stopped to get supplies on the way. Beer, pineapple, oranges and bread! Oh, and some huge avocados!! We thought they were something else at first because of how big they were! After the supply run we soon made it to the mountain road. Bloody hell it was so long and so so bumpy…

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Mozambique- part 3

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And now for the final part of my lovely Mozambique adventure.

Pretty much the entire last week we were in a site known as Coutada 12. I’d heard a lot about this place and was intrigued to go. Michal and Tomasz had placed recorders there last year and so it felt like a bit of a recovery mission! Anyway… we packed up our tents and what not from Chitengo base and picked up the lovely Noreena, a lab technician working with insects! We packed the boot full of all our kit. I’ve never seen a more full boot! We made our way out of Chitengo and started the 9 hour trip to our home for the next 6 days. On the way we obviously picked up supplies, namely beer, bread and avocados! After a very long trip we reached Coutada 12. This place was a former hunting zone and is…

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