Why Did I Switch To Micro Four Thirds While Living In A Full Frame World?


The Backstory On My Switch To Olympus

NOTE: Crop factor and the associated focal length multiplier only affects field of view. I prefer to reference this as effective focal length but others use FOV. Feel free to use whichever term you like.

I used to primarily rely on Canon or Nikon DSLRs for bird and wildlife photography but my health and my age have made both impractical. Thankfully, Micro Four Third (M43) cameras and lenses have improved over the last five years to the point where they have significantly closed the gap with many DSLRs. For the last two plus years, I have exclusively used M43 gear from Olympus.

Falcon Photograph Copyright Scott Bourne Falcon Photograph Copyright Scott Bourne

The Micro Four Thirds gear can’t deliver the low-light performance of the full-frame DSLRs, but there are some obvious benefits too.

The M43 gear is smaller, lighter and less expensive than the full-frame DSLRs. The M43…

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