As Summer Roles In


Temperatures and sun exposure this year is just weird. You may have that feeling too. Weather patterns are not at normal and some of us are beginning to worry about what summer will bring; hot and super hot temperatures? Who knows. In any case we need to pay special attention to our trees right now. Also on the agenda are SHOWS. Lots of shows. I am getting ready for a big SBBK show in San Mateo, CA on June 1-2. Lots to do. Be sure to keep an eye on watering your trees and remember, not every tree has the same water requirements.

Working at the BGLM to re-pot this spectacular old olive.

My role this year at the KBC show was to help stage the photo shoot.

Trinidad Flame Bush, Calliandra Tweedi

Boston Ivy after initial spring defoliation and now getting ready for show with leaves a quarter of…

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Late Spring Tropical Styling


I am often asked if I ever wire a tropical tree in my collection and I say, certainly. I do all my wiring on these trees early in the season because as summer comes these trees grow so aggressively that I would have to check them every few days for wire cuts.  These trees shown here have been wired with aluminum wire, not my standard copper, because it will not remain on the trees for very long. Both of these trees, ficus and schefflera, have been moved to bigger pots to pump up trunks and branches.  They are normally shown as shohin size trees. I am expecting the schefflera has finally pushed beyond that classification as it passes the 10″ mark.

The goal of for the work today was to open up the structure, bring branches pointing up to more horizontal directions and to elongate the horizontal profile of the…

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