Managing the Mission of Making and Meticulously Maximizing Mostly Marginal Material

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The first rule that we bloggers get in our official blogging contract with the managers of the internet is that we should “……avoid alliteration, always…”.

But I’m a rule breaker, an iconoclast, a loner, a rebel. This blog is, after all, “An irreverent blog by a questioning Bonsai Artist”.


Which brings us to today’s tree: a ficus salicaria, the famous Willow leaf fig.

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this tree before, or if it was in a YouTube video, but I’m pretty sure it’s on Instagram somewhere (edit: the original styling is on YouTube, here are some screenshots for those that don’t want to watch an incredible handsome and funny bonsai dude play with a little tree…)

The before…


The finish(Make sure you watch past the credits, I was doing post credit scenes before it was cool).

The stock material was pretty regular and…

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A three month bonsai exhibition at Epcot

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Ahhhh, it’s my favorite time of the year at the Walt Disney World Resorts, the Annual Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. And what that means is, the Bonsai Societies of Florida display in the Japanese Pavilion.

I’ve had a tree on display a few times now but this year I opted not to submit one for consideration. There were a few reasons why I bowed out this year, one was to make room for new exhibitors.

One of those new people was Stephen Gale, one of my study group students, and this is his tree. I volunteered to deliver it for him so he didn’t have to buy a new car in order to transport it. I used my wife’s Kia minivan so I didn’t have to replace my much loved PT Loser. The tree is a willow leaf ficus (Ficus salicaria) that he had grown from a smaller…

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