Meet my new bonsai .. he’s called Joseph ⛩


Isn’t he stunning? A red maple ..

Once upon a time there was a blogger who suggested a book. The book was called ‘The Samurai’s Garden’ by Gail Tsukiyama.

I fell in love with the story and it’s characters, especially Matsu and I bought a bonsai in his honour and even wrote a post about it which for those of you who have not been following me since I started here can read about that here!

The blogger is someone a long way from me but someone I consider one of a handful of loyal wordpress buddies I am fortunate enough to have shared bits of writing life with. You will find him over at Flowers in Bloom.

If I stopped blogging tomorrow (and for the record I plan to do the opposite as I’ve had approximately seven and a half people visit my site this spring due to…

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Adventures in Bonsai

Growing in the Shadow

I finally hit purchase on the bonsai kit that’s been in my Amazon shopping cart for… years? I’m super excited. I went with this kit because it had the most interesting plants and the best ratings. I can only hope my bonsai end up looking a quarter as good as their pictures.

I let the seeds soak for two days before planting them. Then it was about an hour long process to expand the compacted soil disks the kit came with, ring it out and plant the seeds. Now it’s just waiting for signs of growth.

I was disappointed that my library has zero books on bonsai. There are only about two in the library network even. I grabbed a few off Amazon. They weren’t too expensive and I will likely want to reference these frequently as my bonsai grow anyway.

The problem I’m finding with this kit is that…

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Found Bonsai

Growing in the Shadow

This weekend I found a tree! It must be a year old in my totally inexperienced and uninformed opinion.

My husband actually found it while he was chopping up some old boards the last owners had left up against the house. I have no idea what kind of tree it is. I know we have a lot of black walnuts in the yard and what is maybe an oak tree. Clearly it’s pretty dang hardy having somehow grown on top of a cement patio and underneath a pile of wood.

So while hubby was like what the heck, I was running to the shed to get a spare pot. I wish I had taken a picture after I pulled it up so you could see how wide the roots had spread. I grabbed a couple of my bonsai books and looked at the sections on root pruning. They basically said…

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