7th May 2019 – Eastville Park and Snuff Mills

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As the birds become more difficult to see the butterflies begin to appear in good numbers; in the park this morning there were plenty to see.

The only  birds I managed to photograph were grey wagtails, a robin, a grey heron (skulking underneath the road bridge) and the first ducklings I have seen in Eastville Park this season (one pair of mallards with ten ducklings).

FP5A1398Grey wagtail



FP5A1447Grey heron

FP5A1307Small White

FP5A1311FP5A1320FP5A1381Green Hairstreak

FP5A1413Speckled Wood

FP5A1419Orange Tip

FP5A1424Green-Veined White

IMG_5432.jpgRamsons besides the River Frome

The trees are beginning to look their best.


And pollinators too:

FP5A1318IMG_5433The Snuff Mill

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