Windswept Inspiration

Nate's Nursery

I have a Chinese Elm that I’ve been looking at for awhile now. I’ve been leaning towards the windswept style for this one (Couldn’t resist it). You can see the exposed roots that can be the “anchoring” nebari to show the tree being held into the ground.

I’ll need to do some bending and shifting of the nebari and branches, but it is definitely doable. Chinese Elms are really flexible so I’ll put some protection on the bark and bend away this coming season.

Windswept Desert Willow

I recently took my daughter to the park and noticed these Desert Willow trees that are windswept naturally. I can see how the branches naturally bend and split with a curvy nature. I think this will be necessary to wire to create waves in the branching which is essential in creating a windswept tree that draws your eyeballs in.

This is a great example:

Windswept Bonsai Tree

Here are…

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