A little bit of ilex in your life

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

The first rule of bonsai writing is that you must impress your audience with non-descriptive, cryptic, and unpronounceable neo-Japanese jargon.

The second rule is that it should read as though you are Hemingway describing a shotgun.

Short. Declarative. Sentences.

If you’ve discovered this blog for the first time, I’m sorry.

My style, approach, and attitude are not akin to your average bonsai blog.

If the reason you’ve come back is because of my irreverence and unique “voice”, I thank you.

My blog is in the first person (for those that didn’t pay attention in English class, like I am speaking it).

It’s bombastic.

It’s non conformist.

And it’s salty.

I’m a scarred, slightly broken, and maybe even a little bit of a madman, but I’m a survivor.

Kinda like these ilex I’m about to work on (and you thought I was just talking about myself, when it was really just…

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