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There’s Tom, a good Friend if you know him. He’s still a Friend even if you don’t.

He got himself a bunch of bald cypress seedlings and carved a little wedge out of leftover cherry and thought he’d try some trunk fusion.

I think it’s damn cool. Not only will it create a fat tree quicker, but all that character that’ll come from the fusion marks. I’ll keep you guys up to date on it as it progresses.

I’ve seen the technique done with maple whips and ficus cuttings but this is the first cypress one I’ve seen.

So much potential.

Pretty cool, ain’t it? Anyway, that’s not why I’ve gathered you around your internet screens today. 

I want you to close your eyes……imagine yourself reclining in a form fitted chair, soothing, nondescript music lulling you to sleep as the Novocain begins to numb your face. Now imagine that…

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