Is this a big enough Trident for ya ?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Here’s a big tree. Acer buergerianum .

The much (in bonsai) coveted Trident maple. I seem to recall that there’s a town that tried them as street trees. (Ah yes! Gainesville Florida).

You’d be surprised at how little I paid for this it. But I won’t tell you because it’ll just make you jealous and weep at all the bad decisions you’ve made in your life. Like that one time you decided to ignore your belly and eat just one more burrito before getting on the road and getting stuck between rest areas on the highway…..oh yeah….never trust a fart.

(Here’s an early development blog of the tree)

This last year, I had removed all the wire (actually I had a client do it during a lesson, I even charged him, but I felt bad making him work on my trees. He said it was cathartic and…

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