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Smelling the spring at the College Lake

SzimiStyle Birding

It’s been a while I posted anything here and it’s mainly because of suffering from depression by the long winter and other issues, but as the daylights are getting longer the life is returning back to my mind. The same happens in nature as birds have started to return to their short breeding season for our greatest pleasure.

Following the shocking and early death of the inspirational Bill Thompson III (Editor and Co-Publisher ofBird Watcher’s Digest), earlier this week made me rethink and reevaluate a few things around me. I dedicated today’s birding to Bill who I could not meet, but he always greatly supported my shorebird work when I started WorldWaders.

A view to the College Lake from the visitor Centre hide. iPhone 7 Plus © Gyorgy Szimuly

After a tough week in the office, I couldn’t force myself to wake up early so a midday birding…

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