Kintsugi Art


Kintsugi (golden joinery) or kintsukuroi (golden joinery) is the Japanese method of repairing broken (bonsai) pots.  They believe that there is beauty in imperfection (wabi-sabi) and that one should not hide those scars (that life dealt you).  Instead, broken pots are fixed with epoxy mixed with gold dust.  This transforms the (ugly) broken pot into beautiful artwork and something more valuable.

Most people want to hide their flaws. We want things fixed so that no-one can see they are broken or that we had once faltered.  We pretend that we live these perfect lives, in beautiful houses, in tranquil suburbs, in lush gardens, where we sip our afternoon tea, sitting in white wicker chairs.

But reality is not like that.  Life has dealt all of us some nasty bumps, our insecurities eat us alive when we want to attempt new things or meet new friends.  A friend once…

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