More Spring Re-Potting


Re potting and refining trees has been the theme this Spring. Many were already done but there is always refinement and assessments required. Today I have been working on some early tropical tree re-potting.

With the tropical trees; I wait for the soil temperatures to be sustained above 50 degrees to start their work. I have little thermometers in the soil of several pots to monitor temperatures in the soil mass. Today, temps have reached a steady 55-60 degrees in the soil of most of my trees. I needed to work on a new Banyan trees cutting that has been rooting for a year in some very bad potting soil.  The cutting was given to me by a person who has a gorgeous large banyan tree bonsai.  It was coming out of potting soil and into a well draining mix with a new orientation for its new pot.

Banyan was…

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