Quickblog: chop the ficus

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I’ve done many Blogs on trunk chop and root reductions on a willow leaf ficus, and other trees, so here’s a quick, almost comment free run through of the process. I’m trying some new things. Questions will be entertained in the comment section, as always.

I got the tree from Penjing Bonsai Gardens in Malabar Fl., maybe a year and a half ago.

I did a trunk chop last spring and let it grow out all last year with nothing done to it.

As usual, after the new shoots grow out, you cut down to more suitable shoots, better for the design.

This is the Chopping block.

The Chopper.

The Chop.

The bottom goes into a pot, it’ll sprout a whole forest of new trees and the circle of life shall continue.

My handmade roothook (I posted a micro blog of the fabrication process on my social media accounts).


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