Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

BirdLife eThekwini KZN Report by Jane Morris and Sandi du Preez 24 February 2019 Ten birders in total gathered for this new type activity, a group of 6 were sedentary and stayed close to their chairs and a group of 4 were the more active crowd and headed out on a 4 hour walk around the reserve. Sedentary Group report: We settled ourselves on the … Continue reading Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

Jubilee Park

BirdLife eThekwini KZN Report by Sandi du Preez 20 February 2019 There were 11 birders keen to see the Jubilee Park special – the Magpie Mannikins. In the reeds at the entrance the Thick-billed Weavers were diligently constructing their nests as usual. I wonder what other bird species can claim to build a neater nest! Dark-capped Bulbul and Thick-billed Weaver All three Mannikin species (Magpie, … Continue reading Jubilee Park

New Germany NR

BirdLife eThekwini KZN Report by Terry Walls Saturday 2nd March, 2019 An excellent morning for birding, overcast but not a breath of wind. About twenty birders arrived. It was encouraging to meet a number of new birders and also others who have not been active for some time. The first bird that stood out was a Yellow-billed Kite sitting quietly nearby. We split into two … Continue reading New Germany NR