‘Twixt the Twining Twisty Trysting Tree

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I picked this Hackberry up at the 2018 BSF convention from a gentleman named Gene.

It called to me, as they say. Those who’ve gone to a major show understand it. I was a vendor, as usual, and I’d been looking at the tree every time I made the rounds in the vendor room. Gene has been selling off his collection for the last few years and he’s sold some real beauties. Things he’s been growing for thirty years or more. Being the bohemian artistic soul I am (read that as dirt poor) I never could afford his bigger trees. But, if you’re a Regular Reader of the Blog, you know I don’t go for conventional trees anyhow.

And with this tree, there’s something very interesting, to me….I’m not sure if it’s the ramification, or the root base, or the movement.

Well, I know it’s all those that I like…

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