Olive (Olea europaea, var. ‘SanFernando’)


European olives were first introduced to California by Franciscan friars in the late 1700s, where they were an important crop of the Spanish missions. They grow well in southern California and are easy to propagate from cuttings.

This bonsai was bought at Walter Andersen’s nursery in San Diego in July, 2011. The variety, “SanFernando”, is a small-leafed cultivar. The tree began its life at the San Gabriel nursery near Los Angeles.

January 3, 2019:
The tree this afternoon.

July 3, 2011:
The newly purchased tree in 2011. This picture is after repotting. I should have thinned the top growth to one or two branches at this time to prevent reverse taper.

December 30, 2012:
Improving the nebari with a sacrifice branch.

February 17, 2013:
Repotted into a larger pot. Attempted (unsuccessfully) an air-layer of the sacrifice branch with sphagnum moss in aluminum foil.

August 10, 2013:
Air-layer removed (cut visible…

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