Chinese hackberry (Celtis sinensis)


The January 6 entry for this blog shows the development an American hackberry, Celtis occidentalis. Today’s entry is another species of this genus, the Chinese hackberry, Celtis sinensis.

January 18, 2018:
The tree today.

November 26, 2012:
The tree upon arrival from Wigert’s nursery, Florida.

January 20, 2013:
The tree in January with no new growth yet. This would have been a good time to begin selecting branches I wanted to keep and those to eliminate.

March 3, 2013:
Abundant spring growth.

January 4, 2014:
The tree 13 months after purchase. Began eliminating unwanted branches.

July 13, 2014:
Spring growth.

January 21, 2015:
Over two years since purchase.

January 25, 2015:
Bare-rooted, first time since purchased in 2012.

January 25, 2015:
Root- and branch-pruned, repotted.

February 21, 2015:
Spring growth.

November 28, 2015:
Tree in late fall.

January 16, 2016:
Tree in winter after branch-pruning.

March 23, 2016:


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