Bonsai with some friends

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That’s David, moving a big Chinese elm from its pedestal in Agresta Gardens to Ben’s Studio.

Our task we have chosen today: repot the brute. David on the left, with the amazingly coiffed coif. Ben in the middle, shirt all bright chartreuse and everything, and with the bonsai-appropriate chapeaux, and moi, wearing an uncharacteristically blue shirt, taking the selfie.

Dave came up from Miami to hang out with me and Ben (he had some kind of business too, but who cares about that, bonsai before dollar bills, I say).

Some background on the tree-

It was imported from China (its a Chinese elm, ulmus parviflora) around 1992 or so (makes me feel old when I do that math, I graduated high school in ’93, too many years ago) to a nursery in Mississippi, and purchased by the late Dale Cochoy (here is a post about Dale)

It was in…

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