Beak of the Week: Pileated Woodpecker

Feathers & Flora

I have to interrupt our normally scheduled program, on warblers and other migrants, to share this incredible bird encounter from yesterday! I (finally) made my way out of NW Ohio, after days of lingering, and planned a stop at Eagle Creek Park, outside of Indianapolis. I was so impressed by this park and its 3900 acres of forests and trails. I headed straight for the Ornithology Center – an impressive building with a plethora of educational resources and two wildlife viewing rooms, one that overlooks a large lake and one that overlooks feeders.

I parked and grabbed my hiking boots out of the back and proceeded to prepare myself for a hike. While shoeless, I heard a series of very loud, deep, resonant “kuk” notes, fired off in succession. You can imagine my surprise when I looked up to see a Pterodactyl flying toward me! Oh, wait, not a…

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