A Squabble of Gulls

Picture Walks

January 6, 2019

A Squabble of Gulls

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here for the last few days, sunny and spring-like with temperatures in the forties and fifties. Surprisingly, though, we haven’t seen many birds, even though we have been out for hours every day looking for them. So today, Mel and I decided to try a change of venue and head over to Lake Michigan (about an hour’s drive) to look for birds there. If nothing else, we’d enjoy a pleasant drive and a visit to our favorite South Haven coffee shop (Julia’s), and our favorite South Haven restaurant (Phoenix Street). 

Even though our
birding adventure didn’t afford us much exercise, we had a great time standing on
the waterfront attempting to get interesting pictures of all the seagulls—on the
piers, on the beach, on the light posts, on the railings, in the water…

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