The Art and Sci of Bonsai

No Juan Is An Island


As a kid, I have always been fascinated with plants, animals, and nature in general. Whenever I get to reminisce my childhood days, I smile recalling those weekends I get to do some gardening with my grandmother. My love and appreciation of greenery were major influences by my lola. How I enjoyed seeing a flower bloom or when one of our fruit-bearing trees start to produce lots of fruits.

As I grew older, I find myself enjoying even more when I have encounter with nature through mountain hikes, and strolling in parks and gardens. Later on, I have been particularly interested in bonsai, miniature trees I often see in Japanese parks in television or as indoor displays in some household.

Baguio City happens to hold a yearly exhibit of bonsai plants during the Panagbenga (Flower Festival) season. So when a good friend of mine invited me to see this year’s…

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