Annual Spring Festival Details

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Hey everybody, our January event was super fun but now we are gearing up again for something even better! Like with the winter event, everything at the shop will be 20% off during the festival. And beyond that, we have a weekend jam-packed with things to do!

This year it takes place Friday through Sunday, April 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Our Guest Artist, Sean Smith, is returning this April and will be taking the lead in several classes, workshops, and demos. As usual this event will have FREE BEER as well as lunch available on site (included in the cost of the classes and workshops).

New this year is our bonsai display area, if you are interested in having your bonsai on display during the event, contact Jason at or call (386) 675-3118 for more information.

During this event there will be free demonstrations each day. For…

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Shore Pine Rock Planting 2

Bonsai Eejit

Saturday’s study group also got to play with rock. Another Shore Pine being placed on a rock from Lough Corrib County Galway.

The tree previously styled.

Playing with options. We ended up changing plans yet again and grinding away rock to allow better placement.

The rock had a large hole in the middle which had to seal with mesh from underneath to allow for more substrate to be added.

The photo doesn’t do the rock justice. It has lots of character and I look forward to seeing this composition mature.

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The Art and Sci of Bonsai

No Juan Is An Island


As a kid, I have always been fascinated with plants, animals, and nature in general. Whenever I get to reminisce my childhood days, I smile recalling those weekends I get to do some gardening with my grandmother. My love and appreciation of greenery were major influences by my lola. How I enjoyed seeing a flower bloom or when one of our fruit-bearing trees start to produce lots of fruits.

As I grew older, I find myself enjoying even more when I have encounter with nature through mountain hikes, and strolling in parks and gardens. Later on, I have been particularly interested in bonsai, miniature trees I often see in Japanese parks in television or as indoor displays in some household.

Baguio City happens to hold a yearly exhibit of bonsai plants during the Panagbenga (Flower Festival) season. So when a good friend of mine invited me to see this year’s…

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Cara membuat cetakan pot bonsai

Jual Cetakan Loster fiber | UD DSI

Banyak orang yang tidak bisa membuat cetakan pot bonsai dengan baik, oleh karena itu saya akan berbagi tips mudah dalam membuat cetakan pot bonsai. Pertama siapkan beberapa bahan yang digunakan.

Bahan untuk membuat cetakan pot bonsai

Bahan yang digunakan antara lain adalah

  1. Serat fiberglass
  2. Resin
  3. Katalis
  4. Talk
  5. Master potnya
  6. Kuas
  7. Gelas resin
  8. Mirror glaz

Langkah pertama

  • Bagi menjadi 3 atau 4 bagian master pot yang mau di bikin
  • Tambahkan triplek untuk membuat selatan
  • Olesi dengan mirror glaz sampai rata
  • Campurkan adonan resin, talk dan katalis sesuai takaran
  • Oleskan merata pada pot bonsai, ulangi sampai 3 kali
  • Lalu tambahkan serat fiber dan tutup

Semoga tutorial membuat cetakan pot bonsai bisa bermanfaat, jangan lupa tonton juga fideo kami untuk lebih jelasnya.

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