Real Cuba

San on the Lam

Tuesday 30 March-Wednesday 31 March 2010.

Another early morning, trying Flamingo Road and the carpark at Cuevas del Jaboli for Zapata Sparrow. It was not to be, although the latter site produced some interesting birds, including a lovely Red-legged Thrush, an extremely confiding Hooded Warbler and a very smart Greater Antillean Grackle. Oh well, we would have time to try again, later. Today we had other plans- a foray across the causeway and onto the mainland.

Cayo Coco is actually connected to the mainland via a man-made causeway, an astonishing 27 km in length. It snakes out across the Bahia de Perros and is a rather exciting drive into the unknown. Near the mainland is a small tower, in the middle of the road, which serves as a toll gate. Generally, Cuban people are not allowed to cross unless working on the islands. Tourists can cross, after showing their passports…

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