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A Walk to the Vogelgat Waterfall


There were 11 enthusiastic Hurriers in Vogelgat with perfect hiking conditions to look for the Disa uniflora and to reach the waterfall for a swim.

The first Disa was found relatively early during the hike and the endorphins started to kick in and Hurriers made it to the pool with much excitement, and some brave faces with strong arms holding onto the rope, shifting on a wooden plank along the cliff face and using the thick rope to haul ourselves up the last cliff to the exciting pool and the beautiful high waterfall with its treasured Disa uniflora…. the coffee and swim were special treats.

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Around Kanonkop


The recent wildfires in the Overstrand threatened to disrupt the Hurriers walking programme and Ronnie’s Palmietrivier walk had to be changed. Fortunately most of Fernkloof and the other Hermanus mountains escaped the fires  and the Hurriers have risen like a Phoenix from the ashes (so to speak).  We have enjoyed two walks in the burn to marvel at the Fire Lilies and other signs of regrowth,  Ronnie’s re-routed walk along level on the Contour Path and, last week, the intrepid 11 found themselves Up the Creek and scaling mossy cliffs in Vogelgat.

It was a cool but humid  misty morning when 10 Hurriers and Bob from Tipperary (a long way away) met at the Visitors’ Centre.  Dave suggested we leave the straight and narrow and ascend the heights of Kanonkop via Klipspringer returning via Adder Ladder.  It was a great walk with glimpses of the sea and the valleys through…

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