Why Bonsai?

This week in the Bonsai Garden

I am often asked why I find such enjoyment in “playing” with trees. I always smile and say, “they don’t talk!”. In all seriousness, bonsai has become some what of an outlet for me; A release of some sort where I can be “zen” and become one with nature.

Before starting with bonsai, I barely noticed the nature that surrounded me. Ofcourse I would notice beautiful flowers and every once in a while or a cool looking tree, but I never truly appreciated it. The beauty I find in a majestic 300 year old spruce when I go for a hike, the lush green foliage on a cedar in summer, the bright buds popping on an elm in spring, all seem to make me take a deep breath of fresh air in and feel better about myself. The beauty has always been there, I just walked around with a straight-ahead-stare 

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