Why Bonsai?

This week in the Bonsai Garden

I am often asked why I find such enjoyment in “playing” with trees. I always smile and say, “they don’t talk!”. In all seriousness, bonsai has become some what of an outlet for me; A release of some sort where I can be “zen” and become one with nature.

Before starting with bonsai, I barely noticed the nature that surrounded me. Ofcourse I would notice beautiful flowers and every once in a while or a cool looking tree, but I never truly appreciated it. The beauty I find in a majestic 300 year old spruce when I go for a hike, the lush green foliage on a cedar in summer, the bright buds popping on an elm in spring, all seem to make me take a deep breath of fresh air in and feel better about myself. The beauty has always been there, I just walked around with a straight-ahead-stare 

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Out Clubbing

Bonsai Eejit

I only wish I was young enough to go actual clubbing! This time it was a study group session with Leinster Bonsai Club in Dublin on Sunday.

We looked at repotting Theory, how, when and why we repot and what substrates to use. We then got hands on with a few trees to cover the practical side. A big thank to the LBC for supporting my endeavours in this the 5th of 6 sessions.

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Sanib Puwersa: Philippine Bonsai Society Exhibition at Podium

Collectors Connection

Philippine Bonsai Society Inc. in partnership with several bonsai associations in the country will be having their exhibition, public lectures and demonstrations.


The bonsai exhibition is dubbed as ” Sanib Puwersa ” with over 34 bonsai societies from different parts of the country. This also coincide with the organization’s 47th anniversary.

The entrance is FREE and the exhibition will be from February 22-24 2019. There will be lectures or demonstration about bonsai every day at 3pm.

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California Juniper Yamadori Collection

Nate's Nursery

Last year I tried collecting a California Juniper and failed at the post collection care part. This dig went much better. I was able to be better about the transferring to the pot without losing any additional soil.

This was a close up of the trunk of the tree I dug. For some reason I didn’t get a backed out shot of the whole thing, oh well :/
Here it is a bit more zoomed out. The best I got.

I took a trenching shovel to dig the initial trench instead of a drain spade. It had recently rained which helped, but using a thinner shovel really helped to get down quicker and find the thick roots that I needed to cut.
Here are some photos of the trenches I dug before widening the trench to get underneath the root ball. Here I began to wide the trench to be…

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Our Jessamine Farm


Yesterday I bought a bonsai. I’ve been waiting years to have one–nearly since I have heard of them. My bonsai is not one long cultivated by a master gardener and sold for hundreds of dollars. Mine came in a little porcelain dish from my local Lowe’s store for $22.98. The 20-something woman watering all the plants said she had always wanted one too. The checkout lady admired it thinking it was a gift.

“No,” I said. “It is for me.”

Like the genuine and respectable Enneagram 5 personality type that I am, the Investigator or Analyzer, over time I’ve studied the art of bonsai thoroughly. I’ve checked out books from the library, visited several Japanese gardens, drooled over these intricate shapes at numerous horticultural events and landscape stores. I even took a bonsai class and purchased bonsai pruning shears–but alas–no bonsai for me…until yesterday.

It’s likely my Enneagram 4-wing, the…

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