Bonsai on The Road: Some travel pics from my June 2018 Mid-America tour

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I think this is a good place to begin the journey, at the White Castle. We can just kinda “slide” into it……Although, now that I think of it, most adventures end, it seems, at the Whitecastle…

My first ever visit to White Castle was actually in the middle of my last “Great Mid-West American Bonsai Tour”, in the great city of Cincinnati. But that’s okay. One reason I travel the country teaching bonsai is for (no, not for White Castle) new experiences.

Mostly I travel for the trees though, and for the opportunity of meeting new people.

My first stop of this last summers Mid-America Tour, was in Michigan and the Mid-Michigan Bonsai club. I had been contacted by Patty, and I was scheduled to do a demo and a workshop with the club.

Normally, I’ll post my travel logs soon after I get done with the trip, but…

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