Bonsai on The Road: Some travel pics from my June 2018 Mid-America tour

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I think this is a good place to begin the journey, at the White Castle. We can just kinda “slide” into it……Although, now that I think of it, most adventures end, it seems, at the Whitecastle…

My first ever visit to White Castle was actually in the middle of my last “Great Mid-West American Bonsai Tour”, in the great city of Cincinnati. But that’s okay. One reason I travel the country teaching bonsai is for (no, not for White Castle) new experiences.

Mostly I travel for the trees though, and for the opportunity of meeting new people.

My first stop of this last summers Mid-America Tour, was in Michigan and the Mid-Michigan Bonsai club. I had been contacted by Patty, and I was scheduled to do a demo and a workshop with the club.

Normally, I’ll post my travel logs soon after I get done with the trip, but…

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2019 93rd Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition Part 1– Part I

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The 93rdedition of the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition is being held on February 9-12, 2019 in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno Park, Tokyo. This, the finest and most prestigious bonsai exhibition in the world has always been held in the same venue for 91 events. When Norio Kobayashi and Count Matsudaira starte d the exhibition in 1934 it was held twice yearly. The exhibition was stopped during WWII, then resumed on a yearly basis. Several years ago the exhibition needed to be moved to a nearby industrial building because the museum was being remodeled to become handicap accessible. The renovations created a smaller exhibition area with fewer number of bonsai being displayed. So, the Nippon Bonsai Association simply changed the show into two parts, thus being able to display more trees and also receive more exhibition fees from their members.


This year there was a noticeably, (for…

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