Wisteria Grown by Warren Hill-

Michael Hagedorn

Starting from a one gallon plant 40 years ago, Warren Hill grew this massive Chinese Wisteria. He did an incredible job. It now has a 13″ base and a huge wingspan, requiring two people to move it. It is surprising how fast Wisteria can bulk up given the opportunity. And also ramify, in just a few years.

We don’t think of Wisteria ramifying much, and if they do we might easily ignore it. Usually our focus is on the flowers, and after they finish up we push the tree into a corner and pull out our elms and maples. But actually once Wisteria stop flowering in early summer is a great time to work on them, as structural changes can be made then just like any other deciduous bonsai. That’s also when ramification arrives. For the bases of the flower racemes live on into the next year, and offer a…

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