A quick trident maple forest

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Here’s a neat project. This little trident maple clump has some history. It was purchased, from another Central Florida nursery by Ben, from Agresta Gardens. He didn’t pay too much for it, if you parted it out, but as a whole, it wasn’t that cheap.

Actually thinking about it, it was about average price, surprisingly. Anyway….

At the 2018 Bsf convention, he had it on display in a neat fan pot.

Unfortunately, a clumsy person (that should have known better) in a moment of inattention and a serious lack of situational awareness, knocked it off the table and the trees spilled out of the pot.

This kinda killed off some of the trees. It’s not a good time, at the end of May, in Florida, to barefoot trident maples. needless to say, some of the trees suffered from their treatment.

It is, however, time to repot them now, in February.

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