I have a bonsai tree how do I keep it in shape? Here are a few basic steps to keep your bonsai in good shape.


Ever wondered how to take care of a bonsai tree? Well today I will be sharing a few tips and things I do to keep my bonsai trees in shape and most importantly in good health.

In this blog I will be telling you how I go about maintaining the shape of my bonsai trees. So before I start with the pointers lets just establish what bonsai maintenance is. Bonsai maintenance is the general care of you bonsai tree throughout the trees life, at least that is what it means in this context. The dictionary says that maintenance is state of preserving a condition but in bonsai you do not preserve a state/condition as we always trying to improve or better our trees. Most of the bonsai trees we see on the internet of in movies are trees that are very old but were also very well looked after. These…

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