Mark Fields on Instagram: “My semi cascade JBP is displayed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for the next week.”

Kagawa BONSAI on Instagram: “国風展に行きます。 I will go to the Kokufu exhibition. . The graduation thesis is tough, but I got some time so I went to a Kokufu exhibition. I…”



East Van Bonsai member Mike S. recently paid a visit to Anton Nijhuis of

Mike – “Anton was gracious to show me around his garden and we talked trees, collecting, concrete pots, suiseki, rock hounding and more.” 

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Here are 10 helpful tips on how to begin.

1. Determine the space or area you have for your tree(s). What is the light level like? Full sun, a few hours of sun, or bright shade? Heavily shaded or dark areas are not ideal for growing healthy bonsai.

2. Research tree species. Figure out which tree types will thrive in the space you have available. For example, Pines do best in sunny locations. Japanese Maples do best in part sun or bright shade.

3. When starting out, aim for specific species that are commonly used for bonsai. This ensures that you can find plenty of information on your tree. Plus you have a higher chance for success when developing your bonsai. Some plant material may be very appealing, but will not tolerate bonsai development techniques like root pruning or won’t reduce in twig and leaf size. This can cause some…

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LOOKING BACK; Highlights from the Northwest Bonsai Rendezvous.


Check out this post by Bonsai Tonight. Here I was getting ready to upload my photos from the event when I spot this post. His images came out better than mine. Enjoy this snapshot of the show. I had a great time there!

The Bonsai Society of Portland and Pacific Northwest Bonsai Clubs Association presented the 2018 Northwest Bonsai Rendezvous this month in Milwaukie, Oregon. The event was a big success! Three days of workshops, critiques, and demonstrations made the time fly by. Just steps away, a high quality exhibition featured some of the region’s best trees. Here…

via Highlights from the Northwest Bonsai Rendezvous exhibit — Bonsai Tonight

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Kick Up The Backside

Bonsai Eejit

That’s what I need!! I’ve been so neglectful of this blog it’s a disgrace on my part. I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s been a struggle and have came to the following conclusion.

I normally use a proper camera for photos but lately I’ve found myself relying on the phone camera just from a practical point of view. I also sit at the desktop computer a lot less. A combo of these and the hassle of transferring photos that have built up in their hundreds on my phone means I just skip blogging. So, in an effort to sort this I’m going to try and do more blogging via WordPress app on my phone. This one being the first.

As a trial run, here’s some snaps from a one to one session with Ben last week were we did a little repotting and potting up of trees recently…

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Schrödinger’s Owl?

Natural Moments

Just like the quantum mechanical paradox posed by Schrödinger’s cat, I’m beginning to think a similar situation applies to owls.  Whenever I’m out looking for them, they can either be there or not and we’ll at least know if they’re there if we actually see them. If we don’t, they might or might not be there. Several times in the last few weeks, I’ve wandered around spots where either I’ve seen them in the past or had seen recent reports on eBird without managing to see any. But then in a few other spots have been fortunate to get a look.

My last posting had a photograph of one I’d lucked into seeing in the area at Pueblo Montano where they’d nested last year. Returning about two weeks later after seeing eBird reports of more than one owl there, it was cool seeing a pair out in the open albeit…

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