Bald eagles, ospreys have contrasting styles as predators


Not long after I wrote a column on ospreys, I spotted a pair of mature bald eagles on Northeastern’s campus. I’ve never seen any at school before, but I see them occasionally around Elizabeth city and in surrounding counties.

Bald eagles are a bit larger than ospreys. They eat a greater array of food, too. These powerful raptors catch fish, their favorite food, but they also can take down larger prey. They usually don’t, because that’s too much work.

Eagles don’t like to expend more energy than necessary. Like most predators, they don’t usually take unnecessary chances either. Taking on larger prey like dogs and cats could get them injured. Permanent injury to a predator ultimately means death. Fish are safer.

Ospreys usually make a steep dive for their prey. Sometimes they travel as deep as four or five feet into the water, while eagles catch fish near the surface…

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