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長嶺徹(Nagamine Toru)@SE on Instagram: “山モミジのお化粧後です♪ちょっと間延び感が残念なのでガッツリ落とすか悩み中。取り木するか(´ω`) #盆栽 #ミニ盆栽 #小品盆栽 #bonsai #minibonsai #shohinbonsai #bonsaitree #bonsailife #bonsaiart #紅葉…”

Kisetsu-en Bonsai on Instagram: “New free video online. Winter care is also about watering and keeping a healthy environment for the roots in the bonsai pot. Watch this…”

Powell Butte to Broughton Beach

Portland Birder

Every day is a big day when you bird by bike. At least the way I do it. I was away from home for 9 hours, rode 35 miles, and saw 52 species of birds. My first stop of the day was one of the three highest locations in my 5 mile radius: Powell Butte. The whole ride there was a headwind. I felt like I was in purgatory. I need to get stronger…

The reason for tackling such a hill so early in the year was that there was a report of a Northern Shrike.

Shrikes are great because they are killer songbirds. That, and they impale their prey on pokey things. They are great birds and they are by no means a guarantee in anyone’s 5mr. This Shrike was well worth the climb and 2 hours searching. I’m happy I got it on my first try!

While on…

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Unexpected Visitors

Photo by Chris Kilpatrick

What an unusual summer we have here in Willamette valley! Back in February, we celebrated early sunshine and came in April, all things were blooming and thriving. This is definitely the most colorful summer I have enjoyed around our house. Then, high temperature began to emerge in May, above 90’s and it seemed to stay this way for couple of weeks now. Except maybe two days, I have not seen the hi’s go down below 90 in a 10-day weather forecast.

The good news is, when all the flowers are in their prime, fragrance and pollen are flowing in the air, birds seem to become extremely active. I like to sit on our porch and work from my laptop when the temperature is still mild in the morning. To me, luxury is to be surrounded by flower aroma, birds chirps and pampered by pleasant breeze. It is now late spring and baby…

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It’s all about Kingfisher

Photo by Chris Kilpatrick

It was 34 degree. The wind was blowing. A complete furnishing set of coat, scarf, stocking cap and glove is still not sufficient. I wondered where to find birds in this bleak weather and environment at first.

One red-tail Hawk perched on a distant tree and one Northern Harrier were digging something on the ground, but they were so distant that my longest lens could not do justice. On the way out, we spotted this Kingfisher on the limb (if you can find it in the picture) and Great Blue Heron down below. Apparently, they were aiming at the same target – fish. Far as it appears, this is probably the closest encounter I ever had with a Kingfisher. Closer but still not close enough. Considerable details are lost after cropping and zooming. Still, this is so far the best Kingfish picture I have. The quest for a BETTER bird…

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