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It began as simply a short run to get soe garden plants and mulch.  It became an unplanned, undisciplined raptor run.  I have occasionally seena  Coop or a Red-tail when driving about town.  More rarely an Osprey or Bald Eagle overhead.  But two raptors in five minutes? First there was a Cooper’s Hawk laboring through the sky above 19th & Baker. … Continue reading MCMINNVILLE RAPTOR RUN

Bento Bank

I’ve been thinking a lot recently. What does bonsai mean to me and what am I doing in Japan? Tempted by an elusive apprenticeship and a deep passion driving me forward I took the jump and now I’m here. A relatively spacious, but run down riverside apartment in Osaka prefecture. Of a 30 day month, I get 2 off–typically spent catching up on rest, getting… Continue reading Bento Bank