Torturing Tiny Trees…

Thyme Travelling

Juniper Squamata Prostrata.

The northern reaches of Sydney are comprised of high ridges and deep gullies. Hills are frequent and steep. There are many trees.

Atop the ridges, the trees grow short, thick and scrubby. As you venture lower into the valleys, trunks lengthen as leaves strive for sunlight. Along the sides of the road you see them cling to rockfaces, cascade over escarpments and flow over ledges, roots working down through slender fissures seeking soil to plunder for nutrients and water.

The sheer number that lie fallen the morning after a storm bears witnesss to the shallowness of the soil and the scant grip the roots often have on their stony situation. And then there are the bush fires…

It’s not easy being a tree.

More than a few times, when people learn that I grow bonsai, I have faced allegations of cruelty; I force trees into tiny pots…

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