The Sacrifice Branch

Thyme Travelling

A shallow pot of buttermilk yellow and a thick carpet of moss draw the eye to strong, buttress roots. From there the trunk might be considered too straight, but I always draw feelings of strength from its regularity of form. The frame is, perhaps, a little too exposed; the foliage a little too focused at the ends of the branches, but this a voyage, not a trip. There’s time.

Bonsai is all about time. Time and timing. What to do, when. We all start in a rush, those of us who find this pastime. We want results! We spend money, jump into hasty decisions, kill trees… Some of us abandon; move on to other pursuits. Those of us who stay the course learn that bonsai is all about time.

Rules, guidelines, principles, depending on how you read them, dictate ratio, form and style. Isosceles trangles, primary, secondary, tertiary branching, first…

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