A Walk near the edge of the Burn


This morning’s walk in Fernkloof took 15 hikers into the edge of the recent burn before turning back to walk along the front of Kanonkop and over Lemoenkop.  It was interesting to see how the Phaenocoma prolifera (Cape Everlasting) appeared to have its flowers unscathed by the fire. Perhaps this plant has some chemical resistance to burning as the petals are certainly dry enough to catch at the first sign of fire.  This is a protection method for its seeds, but I wonder how it works.

I attach some images of what the smoke was like in Prestwick Village as the inferno blazed above us on the mountain.  It was pretty scary and our thoughts go out to all those who were badly affected and who lost so much.

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Piet’s AMOEBA Walk


This morning Piet promised us an interesting walk – described by him as “The Amoeba”  It was 5.4 km in length and it was most enjoyable, taking 15 Hurriers through a section of the burn and then around Lemoenkop and back to the Visitors’ Centre.  Well done, Piet!  We saw the first Fire Lilies in bloom and there will no doubt be hundreds of them in the next two weeks.

It was sad to see Geraldine’s bench – completely burnt, and also burnt sign posts, which will need to be replaced.

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A “signature” tree, so to speak….

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Well now, who is in my passenger seat today? Or should it be “what…..in the helll?!”This…odd….tree, is an elm, believe it or not. An American elm to be precise (some people make a distinction for American elms that are in Florida. But genetic testing reveals that they are just like all the Ulmus americanas in the rest of the USA). What’s interesting about this is it’s literally Just chopped off roots that had been pruned from a larger specimen and then raised, so that the roots are now the trunk. I acquired it on one of those Facebook auctions about two years ago from a Florida seller. I felt sorry for the guy as he was in need of money, but I’m not a softie, I do find the shape interesting. I realize it’s not quite to everyone’s taste as a bonsai form, but it’s my tree and my…

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Sakaibonsai on Instagram: “酒井盆栽 – 盆栽追加情報 新たに表情豊かな盆栽を追加致しました!✨ お近くにお越しの際はぜひお立ち寄り下さいませ。 東京都千代田区丸の内2-6-1 丸の内ブリックスクエア1階 #hanahiro #花弘 #tokyo #東京 #att #sakaibonsai…”


Bonsai-Kulturen on Instagram: “Update meiner Chili “Black Prince“. 🌶🔥Auch sie hat sich nach dem starken Rückschnitt im Herbst letzten Jahres wieder sehr gut entwickelt! 😍…”