Olive Bonsai

Genus: Olea

Family: Oleacea

Botanical Name: Olea Europea

This tree is considered the king of the trees and is seen as a symbol of peace. It is a Mediterranean species extremely appreciated as Bonsai thanks to its natural contorted and gnarled way of growing, along with its beautiful soft grey bark colour. The Olea Europea is an evergreen with opposite green leaves, which produce small flowers at the end of spring and the well-known olives in early winter.

media canva

Location and Position

An indoor and outdoor specimen, the Olea Europea is a tough tree, but it dislikes freezing temperature and requires protection during the winter. It is best grown outdoors from spring to autumn and positioned in full sun in the summer. However, it can be grown indoors all year round.


This tree suits most styles, such as informal upright, slanting, root over the rock, twin-trunk, and forest, just to…

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