Shelburne Birding

Originally posted on San on the Lam:
Tuesday, 15 January 2019 One of the great things about being retired (especially early retired) is the ability to just go off somewhere. We’ve had a few very cold days here in south-west Nova Scotia (known as the Banana Belt to the rest of the province, but we can still get a little cold at times), with snow,… Continue reading Shelburne Birding

Our Wonderful World – American Kestrel

Originally posted on RM Goldsmith Photography:
After about another whole week of rainy weather, today I woke up to blue skies and the sun shining.  So, we found another place to look for some wildlife and especially birds.  We Googled some birding spots near us, hoping to find a new location, and sure enough a place we had not heard of was found:  Eagle Lake… Continue reading Our Wonderful World – American Kestrel