Austrian Black Pine Recovery and Refinement

Originally posted on artsofjc:
A new addition to my collection is an Austrian Black pine, single flush pine, over 50 years old and full of surprises. I acquired the tree as payment for work done on the owners collection. The tree was too big for her to work on anymore and too precious to her to put in a general sale. I have worked on… Continue reading Austrian Black Pine Recovery and Refinement

Rare robin, well done

LEV PARIKIAN It’s been a goldfinch winter round our way. Not momentous news, I realise, but bear with me, for they are eminently watchable birds, and a source of considerable pleasure. Here’s one. Ten minutes spent in their company never fails to raise the spirits. They’re colourful and sociable, and their bouncing flight and tinkling chittery calls are a daily boon. Also, unlike most of … Continue reading Rare robin, well done