Curlew GPS tracking on the Humber Estuary

Waders of the tidal flats

One of our most iconic wader species has a near-threatened status with a 48% decline of breeding birds since 1995 in the United Kingdom (UK), there is also a decreasing trend of wintering birds in estuaries over the last 15 years  On the Humber Estuary the population is stable with a five-year average of 2,806 birds (Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS)) which makes the Humber Estuary one of the top seven sites for wintering Curlew in the UK.  Morecambe Bay, with 11,193 Curlew, is the largest wintering site in the UK (BTO WeBS online).

Extensive Curlew research work is led by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) across the country to understand the cause of the decline.  The research work, undertaken on both breeding and non-breeding grounds, combines a range of desk-based and fieldwork studies.  The species’ home range and habitat selection (using GPS tracking data) is one of…

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